About the Conference

There is a continuous development for the betterment of human society in the areas of health, safety and environment. The development in health area may include the purification of water, air and soil; gas sorption, storage, and sensing, Bionanomaterials and Tissues Engineering, Biosensors, Diagnostics and Imaging, Materials for Drug and Gene Delivery. In safety area there may be the efficient Fire control, development of durable and safe personal protective equipments (PPE), proper process safety management (PSM). The other applications may be Clean and Sustainable Technology, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Technologies, Green Chemistry etc.

So the International Conference on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE 2023)” will provide a platform to the engineers, stakeholders, promoters, contractors and other professionals to interact, learn and exposure to the various fields of HSE. We hope that the event will encourage the delegates to think about the new materials, methods or technologies for health, safety and environment. All the accepted papers may be published in an ISBN indexed (ISBN: 978-93-100-0256-0) conference proceedings and some of the selected papers will be published in International Journals.